Quit Smoking Hypnosis Works Well

How can you quit smoking?

Quitting smoking is not a joke. It is absolutely a challenge that is tough to win, but nothing is impossible if you give the right focus and discipline. Remember the first time you tried smoking? It was not easy, was it? Yet, the moment you got hooked on it, it’s almost impossible to quit. Many have tried and probably won in the first couple of weeks then they failed to endure. What’s more worrisome is the rebound because it’s usually harder than the first.

I saw my mom and dad smoking while I was growing up. They were happy together as they smoked and when they didn’t have money to buy cigarettes, they were cranky. They were unkind and ill-tempered. After many years of smoking, dad was diagnosed with emphysema, a severe lung disease that gave him a hard time breathing. We spent an excessively big amount of money to find his treatment but to no avail, he passed away early.

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Quitting smoking didn’t happen easily for my mom. She promised to change as she saw how my dad suffered from his lung disease, but she continued her bad habit and she even hid her smoking activities from us. How hard it was to teach oldies. Luckily my mom is still with us and she practically can’t smoke now because we are keeping an eye on her 24/7.

Why quitting is hard?

There have been so many articles written about smoking with tons of suggestions on how to quit it but it has the same outcome as others also find it hard to stop. People can’t simply abandon the vice because their minds are already addicted to that.

One of the main reasons why smokers keep this evil habit is nicotine. It is a chemical in cigarettes that makes you addicted to smoking. However, the more you smoke‚ the more nicotine you need to feel normal. Without the regular supply of nicotine, you can feel cranky thus, your last resort is to continue the habit.

Even doctors have been saying lots of ways to help people quit smoking hypnosis Brisbane but they do not succeed. There are so many choices so you have to decide which one is effective for you. Here are some ways to quit smoking.

How can we quit smoking?

Yes, this question is inevitable and our battle is not with cigarettes but in the mind. Our self-control is necessary in quitting. Here are some ideas.

  • Go to places that prohibit smoking. By doing this, you will be obliged to refrain from smoking because your situation doesn’t allow you to do so.
  • Spend more time with non-smoking friends. You will be considered rude if you keep smoking in the middle of non-smoking friends. You surely do not want to be different.
  • Quit smoking cold turkey. Your life has already been tough. Do not add more miseries into that. Quit smoking right now before it is too late.

Meanwhile, hypnosis is an unconventional way of helping smokers quit their game.

What is hypnosis?

Why do we employ hypnosis to combat smoking? Hypnosis is defined as a state of awareness in which you appear to be asleep or in a trance. It helps patients find another alternative to their emotional problems and addictions like smoking.

Doctors have been debating about how hypnosis works and how effective it is. Some people believe that when you are hypnotized, you relax and concentrate more, and are more willing to listen to suggestions — such as giving up smoking, for instance.

There you have it. Psychologists support the idea of hypnosis because they know that putting a person in a relaxed mode can help him overcome his stress. Hypnotherapists might ask the patients about the negative effects of smoking and they will discuss the possibilities of developing a lung disease due to smoking. This kind of treatment leads the patient to realize the importance of his life and his family which could be in trouble due to smoking.

It is a long process to quit smoking but with strong support, patients can overcome this addiction. They can eventually realize that smoking poisons the body and you should respect your body and protect it because you need your body to live.

If we live with dignity and pride, we can understand that life is worth living for. Smoking is a threat to our health and future. Remember, it is not about how you try to quit something. It is how passionate you are about quitting cold turkey.

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